Whether on the artificial slope or snow
down you go ‒ hooray!
Skifahrer in Puchberg am Schneeberg, © NÖVOG/Zwickl
Mit der Sesselbahn ins Winterparadies, © NÖVOG/Zwickl
Winter in Puchi's Kinderland, © NÖVOG/Zwickl

The Wunderwiese ‒ action and fun all year round!

On the dry slope, ready, steady, go!

Whether on the artificial ski slope or snow, down you go ‒ hooray! In Puchberg am Schneeberg in the Vienna Alps

This unique, all year round attraction is located in Lower Austria, only 80 km south of Vienna. The Wunderwiese leisure paradise promises variety and fun for all ages. Racy descents are to be experienced with the Wiesenflitzer ‒ a 130 m long tyre slide ‒ and the fun PuchiCarts.

Another highlight is the 5,000 m² artificial ski slope. Skiing and snowboarding fans can whiz down the hill here in all seasons. When there is sufficient snow, the ski tow expands the offer in winter. It takes you to particularly beginner-friendly slopes, suitable for families.

The nearby chair lift takes only a few minutes to take you to the hiking paradise at 1,210 m above sea level.

Both on the mountain and in the valley you can take a break in comfortable mountain chalets and restaurants.

Fun is guaranteed the whole year round, with or without snow!
Wiesenflitzer SymbolSonne  
Artificial ski slope SymbolSonne SymbolSchnee
Puchi's Kinderland SymbolSonne SymbolSchnee
Puchi's Ski Hire SymbolSonne SymbolSchnee
Wiesenhütte chalet SymbolSonne SymbolSchnee
Ski tow   SymbolSchnee
Sesselbahn SymbolSonne SymbolSchnee
Magic carpet SymbolSonne SymbolSchnee
Hiking experience SymbolSonne SymbolSchnee
Touring skiers   SymbolSchnee
SymbolSonne = summer SymbolSchnee = winter